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A rare knowledge exchange between Loro Piana artisans in Piedmont, Italy, and experts in denim manufacturing from Japan’s Bingo region produced the deep tactility of CashDenim. A purist perspective of immaculate utility-design, merged with the authentic savoir faire of Japanese denim culture.

A Japanese soul

The denim manufacturers of the Bingo region (Okayama and Hiroshima Prefectures) hold cult-status amongst jeans fanatics and collectors worldwide. Expert technicians combine a 60% denim and 40% cashmere blend and weave it very slowly on traditional looms to produce denim with a kiss of cashmere that softens the feeling against the skin.


Japanese selvedge makers work on specialist shuttle looms to produce CashDenim of a meticulous quality. The technicians weave the warp of the dyed denim with the weft of undyed cashmere fibre. It takes a full day to weave 50 metres of fabric.

An Italian perspective

The CashDenim has a sublimely soft quality, felt most on the inner as the fabric touches the skin. The material is sent to Italy, where it is treated within the Loro Piana culture of pushing the limits of modern innovation in pursuit of excellence.


The CashDenim jeans and jacket are intentionally simple. Designed with minimal precision, they elevate the wearing of everyday pieces with Loro Piana craft. The result of a meeting between two cultures that share the goal of materialising perfection, no matter how long it took to get there.